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APC UPS | Unable to login to APC Management

Error when trying to connect to the APC UPS management GUI (This is probably only applicable on the older models and firmware versions, but lets face it there’s a shed load of these older units gathering dust at the bottom of the rack somewhere, they get missed unless they start bleeping!)

“Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server. Please try again later”

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Windows | Increase System Partition Size Remotely PS

After increasing a virtual machine VMDK size you need to also resize this partition in Windows.

This can be completed remotely using PowerShell. There are various methods to run this but I prefer to use “Server Management” and admin the machines from here. you can run “PowerShell” on a remote session to run the script below.

This process will increase the C:\ partition to use all space that has been allocated by VMware. (Replace -DriveLetter with the required drive)

There are various methods (this is just one of them) 

$size = Get-PartitionSupportedSize -DriveLetter C
Write-Output $size
Resize-Partition -DriveLetter C -Size $size.SizeMax -Verbose
Write-Output "Drive Extension Complete!"


Windows Dedup | Cheat Sheet

Get dedup status:


Get dedup status formatted & additional info:

Get-DedupStatus | fl

Get dedup status for specified volumes:

Get-DedupStatus -Volume "D:","F:"

Show Dedup Metadata (How deduplication is being used) on the server:


Show Dedup Metadata for specified volumes:

Get-Dedupmetadata D:

Enable Dedup Job:

Start-DedupJob D: -Type Optimization -Full

Disable Dedup Job:

Start-DedupJob -Type Unoptimization -Volume <Desired-Volume>


DFS | DFSR Removal of Staging Directory

After removing DFS shares on a server there may be some leftover files in the “DFSR” cache, this is a hidden location within the “System Volume Information”. This can be a tricky one to delete but can be completed using some CLI.

Take Ownership of folder

icacls "e:\system volume information" /grant Administrator:F

Remove Directory (Silent & whole directory tree)

rd "e:\system volume information\dfsr" /s /q

Dell PowerEdge Servers | Internal Dual SD Module (IDSDM) Failure

We are running Dell R620/630 servers with “Internal Dual SD Module” (IDSDM) for the VMware ESX installation.
Unfortunately SD card 1 recently developed a fault.
As the IDSDM is configured in a fail-over SD1 copies to SD2 therefore we had to swap the cards before performing the rebuild.

It is important to note a few IDSDM module behaviors: IDSDM White Paper

Mirror State Stored on the IDSDM module

The SD cards mirror state, along with the Disabled or Mirror mode for modular servers, is stored on the IDSDM module itself. This means that it is possible to move an IDSDM module between two systems and preserve the mirror; the BIOS will read the states from the cards during boot up and will reflect the state of the card in setup.

Master SD Card

The module design allows that either SD card slot can be the master; in the event of a tie between the two cards, then SD1 is picked as the master. For example, if two new SD cards are installed in the IDSDM while AC power is removed from the system, SD1 is considered the Active or master card in the mirror. SD2 is the backup card, and all file system IDSDM writes will go to both cards, but reads will occur only on SD1. If at any time SD1 fails or is removed, SD2 will automatically become the Active (master) card. The IDSDM module should not be serviced while AC power is present.


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Draytek VPN to iPhone/iOS Setup

There’s a fairly quick and simple method to configure VPN from the Draytek to iPhone.

I’m configuring this on a Draytek 2860n-Plus but the same process applies to most Draytek interfaces.

If you don’t have a static IP then you can configure using a free DynDNS name from (Other dynamic DNS providers are also available)

This method is using L2TP with IPSEC. A guide to the various VPN types can be found on HowtoGeek

Draytek 2860 Setup

VPN and Remote Access -> VPN and Remote Access -> Remote Access Control”

Enable “IPsec” & “L2TP” VPN Services (These may already be enabled by default)

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Remove Sharepoint Login Prompt in IE

We have a company SharePoint site which requires authentication information before logging on. This is a pain as the information displayed on the initial screen of SharePoint does not need to be restricted (Company Intranet).

Login “Annoying” Prompt:

In order to remove this you can modify the option in I.E. to use local logon credential (domain PCs):

  1. Tools/Internet Options/Security/Local Intranet/Sites
  2. Add the site in the list, click OK.
  3. Still in Local Intranet, click on “Custom Level”, scroll all the way to the bottom to User Authentication/Logon
  4. Click on “Automatic Logon with current user name and password”
  5. When the user logs to the site, make sure to select the checkmark “remember username/password” when the site asks for credentials

Adding NextGen Image Tag | WordPress

I get really frustrated that the Nextgen plugin for WordPress does not have a simple icon which allows a quick way to insert a “single” image from the gallery. The options in the “Add New Post” screen only seem to allow a whole gallery to be selected…

This is how to add one image to a post manually (provided you know the image ID)

There are some other shortcode options available here Nextgen Shortcode.

singlepic id=XXX float=

JumboFrames Test / Command Line

I usually configure JumboFrames on iSCSI devices. The quickest way to do this is with a direct Ethernet cable from iSCSI to Server (Configuring seperate LAN IPS for both devices)
To test that JumboFrames is enabled on the network cards I use the PING method and modify the frame size. Default packet sizes are 1500bytes (MTU). (Is configured for Jumbo Frames) – Althought the Jumboframe MTU is 9000bytes there are some overheads in the packets therefore you need to use an MTU of 8972bytes (Is NOT configured for Jumbo Frames) – You can see below the packets fail with “Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set

HP Proliant Microserver (Gen8) | Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Drivers

My configuration of the HP Microserver G1810T uses all 4 x HDD disk bays (2 x RAID1) with 1 x HDD (2.5″) attached to the secondary SATA connector on the motherboard.
This 5th disk for the OS was configured under the controller options to use RAID0.

When installing Windows Server 2012 R2 for the first time you will need to specify the B120i controller drivers for Windows to be able to see the disk.
The driver can be downloaded from the HP Microserver webpage and is listed under the “Driver – Storage” section.

The ILO made it easy for me to install Windows remotely from my desktop and attaching virtual media (ISO) and folders. Continue reading

DNS timeout on Draytek Router

DNS timeout 

Having had a problem with my TalkTalk internet connection for months I thought the issue was related to TalkTalk DNS settings however this was actually due to the “UDP flood defense” setting on the Draytek “Firewall” which blocks DNS queries after a threshold value.

The symptoms were that DNS would just stop working, no DNS resolution at all, NSLOOKUPs would simply timeout but ping and IP resolution would function normally. Rebooting the Draytek would magically fix the issue.

The fix was to simply increase the “packet/sec Threshold” or “disable” the setting.
Note: The DoS defense settings are not enabled by default

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Enabling the “Contact Linking Field” in Outlook 2007/2010/2013

The “Contact linking field” isn’t always displayed by default in Outlook:

To display the “contacts” selection box for an “event” in Outlook 2007

Tools &gt; Options &gt; Contact Options &gt; "Show Contact Activity Information on All Forms"

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