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Cisco Backup Config | TFTP

Backing up Cisco switch / router config to TFTP location:

  1. Install TFTP on server:
  2. Login to device via Telnet (Using Putty if needed
  3. Password: <Enter Password>
  4. SW001>en
  5. SW001><Enter en Password>
  6. SW001>copy run tftp
  7. SW001>192.0.?.? <Specify I.P. Address / Don’t use name as DNS may not be configured>
  8. SW001><Press “Return”> – This will dump the config into the root configured on the TFTP
  9. SW001>Exit

Cisco ASA 5505 | Basic CL

Factory Reset | ASA5505

  1. Attach Console Cable
  2. Load Putty, connect on “Console”
  3. Type ‘ena’ to go to enable mode. Enter the password, or just press enter if there is no password set.
  4. Type ‘config t’
  5. Type ‘config factory-default’
  6. Hit spacebar when the ‘more’ thing happens. You want to get back to the prompt that looks like: ‘ciscoasa(config)#’
  7. Type ‘reload save-config noconfirm’
  8. Make sure that the outside line is plugged into port zero, and your pc is plugged into any of the ports 1-7.
  9. The Cisco ASA has been reset to factory settings. DHCP is enabled on the cisco device, and it’s internal IP address is now!
  10. If you had an enable password set, you may need to enter that in the password box when you try to connect using the ASDM. Otherwise the default username and password is to leave both blank.
  11. Default Password: cisco

Output Config inc. ikev1 pre-shared-key | ASA5505

more system:run

Export Config:

copy runnin-config tftp
&lt;your TFTP IP&gt;