Draytek VPN to iPhone/iOS Setup

There’s a fairly quick and simple method to configure VPN from the Draytek to iPhone.

I’m configuring this on a Draytek 2860n-Plus but the same process applies to most Draytek interfaces.

If you don’t have a static IP then you can configure using a free DynDNS name from no-ip.org (Other dynamic DNS providers are also available)

This method is using L2TP with IPSEC. A guide to the various VPN types can be found on HowtoGeek

Draytek 2860 Setup

VPN and Remote Access -> VPN and Remote Access -> Remote Access Control”

Enable “IPsec” & “L2TP” VPN Services (These may already be enabled by default)

VPN and Remote Access -> IPsec General Setup”

Configure Pre-Shared Key (Will be used later on)

VPN and Remote Access -> Remote Dial-in User”

Enable L2TP with IPsec VPN user account & set a user password  (Pre-Shared Key is configured in separate process above)

iPhone/iOS Setup:

“Settings -> General -> VPN”

Configure server name, this can be a direct IP or DNS (using no-ip.org or other service), enter user password and secret (Pre-Shared Key), “Send All Traffic” will ensure all data pumps down the VPN and won’t use Split Tunnel


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