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Please can someone tell me WHY is it so HARD to find the DOWNLOAD for “AMD RAIDXpert” ? Makes me so frustrated when you know the software you need (it’s free) but there are so many links and hoops to jump through in order to download it!

As of December 2014 this is a valid link for the “AMD RAIDXpert v3.3.1540.19” direct from AMD (Release Date: 3/28/2012). The AMD RAIDXpert utility gives you complete control of your RAID arrays within a simple web browser based application. This tool allows you to monitor and manage your RAID arrays in the Microsoft Windows environment or via remote login to your system.

Here is the latest direct AMD RAIDXpert Utility URL for the AMD SB7xx/SB8xx Chipset:

RAIDXpert information:

The RAIDXpert Utility isn’t listed on the HP Microserver driver page (http://goo.gl/utZgj) for Windows Server 2008 R2 (even if you do login). When I contacted HP to obtain this software I was told that this software was not supported on the HP Proliant Microserver and that I would need to contact the software vendor (AMD) to get hold of the download. I’ve been given some dodgy advise from HP before so rang back a 2nd time to confirm, again being told that the AMD RAIDXpert utility was not supported on the Microserver or any HP 100 series and that no downloads were available or listed on the HP website but then I stumbled on this link which would completely contradict the information I was provided by HP… 

HP ProLiant Microserver – How to Configure AMD RAIDXpert for E-mail Notificationshttp://goo.gl/gjQKr (artical ID: c03143514) 

Software Notes:
AMD RAIDXpert Utility Info:

  • URL: http://localhost:25902/amd/screen.jsp
  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin

Locating hardware serial number in Windows:

  1. HP Serial number finder or wmic bios get serialnumber

7 thoughts on “HP Proliant Microserver | AMD RAIDXpert Software Download Link

  1. Andrew Fish

    I jumped through the same hoops as you with this one. I stumbled across a link to RaidXpert on the HP website when I was considering buying a NL40. When I actually got the box I couldn’t find the link on the HP website. There were a myriad of pages which I couldn’t remember the route to (some weeks later I found it again so they hadn’t removed it). I ended up registering at the AMD site to download the RAIDXpert.
    Funny though, when you register at the AMD site you get a phone call from AMD asking how they can help you as they assume you are some sort of Developer. The didn’t seem too put out when I said I had only registered to get the RAIDXpert as I couldn’t easily find the link from the HP website.

  2. Dom Post author

    Thanks the feedback! I’m still baffled how HP need to make this process so difficult!
    That’s the joy of I.T. I guess 🙂

  3. Eddie

    Have you tried to install 2 x 3TB HDDs (in RAID1 configuration) with Windows Server 2008 R2? I have tried but I get a missing driver error which I have downloaded all of the drivers listed on HP’s support site and still nothing.

  4. stephan

    Hello people,

    I try to rebuild the logical drive raid 1. At 87% my server hangs and keeps rebooting until I pause the rebuild. OS is server 2012. Compatibility issue here? Driving me nuts. Both drives are 1 TB. 1 drive is new and the other one is still functional but SMART has failed. Thanks!

  5. Dom Post author

    I don’t think you would have a compatibility issue with the OS, RAID is managed by the hardware.
    If you load the RAID BIOS screen and the progress is hanging then it is definitely hardware related, either the Controller or HDD.

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