DHCP Netsh | Incorrect IP listed

I recently setup a new server on a 192.168.x.x LAN IP range. The server was prepped ready to be taken to another site on the 10.0.x.x range. By pre-creating the DHCP component in the 192. zone it caused the DCHP IP to be listed incorrectly when running the netsh command below. This IP was listed even through all other aspects of DHCP and DNS were configured correctly.

Netsh dhcp show server >> c:\info_dhcp.txt

In order to correct this I used the NETSH tool.

Net stop dhcpserver
Netsh DHCP delete server DHCPserver.local 192.168.x.x
Net start dhcpserver
Netsh DHCP add server DHCPserver.local 10.0.x.x


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