HP Proliant Microserver | RAID Chipset & Disk Array Failure

Having created a RAID1 mirror using the AMD SB8xx SATA RAID, I recently faced the following problem:

“Logical Drive “HDD” Goes Critical”.

This error would be directly related to disk failure! I decided not to replace the 250GB HDD but instead remove the RAID array and keep as a single logical drive (no RAID). This would prevent the error from displaying eachtime Windows loads. The problem I had was with the wording “Press Ctrl+Y to delete the data on the disk!” prompt when deleting the RAID. Not sure if this meant all HDD Data or just the RAID Data. Rather than taking any chances with precious data, I backed it up before proceeding with the changes…

To Confirm: The removal / dismount of the RAID Array can be done so without any loss of data or disruption to the system workings. I am simply reporting my experience! 

Note: This is using the same RAID chipset as the HP Microserver, but actually on a Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H (Socket M2) Motherboard

RAID1 Array Dismount/Removal:

Rebooted and loaded the BIOS interface. (Ctrl+Y)

“View LD Defination Menu”

“Delete LD Menu” – In my scenario there was a strange issue as the second 250GB drive was visible, however not recognised as part of the RAID1 mirror.

“Delete LD Menu” – Selected RAID to be removed and confirm deletion (Del/Alt+D)

Rebooted System – RAID1 has now been broken and 2 x 250GB are showing as independent drives in POST Info.

Windows reports data is still available on the disk and no information has been lost (Drive N:\ 250GB)



There is a good guide to creating arrays and installing on the HP Microserver: here

Software Link: AMD SB8xx SATA RAID Configuration Utility for Windows® Server 2008 and Windows® Server 2008 R2 (RAIDXpert)

2 thoughts on “HP Proliant Microserver | RAID Chipset & Disk Array Failure

  1. Tom Bradbury

    Have just purchased this server and set up 2x WD 500GB HDD in RAID 1. All working fine, and then I got the critical issue on one of the HDD (Disk 0). Thought it was a HDD failure but when I removed the RAID and reverted back to IDE, both drive perfectly fine. Haven’t gone back to RAID.

  2. Dom Post author

    I’ve had similar problems with the ATI Raid controller on my Gigabyte motherboard. The Raid shows “Critical” but when I pull the disks out of the RAID Array they all work fine. I never rebuilt the array as I wasn’t confident the disks weren’t at fault.
    Have you tried a firmware/driver update for anything?

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