VMware | “Unable to create “datastore” in vSphere client”

“Unable to create “datastore” in vSphere client”

Call “HostStorageSystem.ComputeDiskPartitionInfo” for object “storageSystem” on ESXi “” failed.

Issue is related to the fact that the disks already include a partition table (this wasn’t a freshly formatted RAID array)

  1. Open VMware vSphere Client application
  2. Click “Configuration” tab
  3. Click “Security Profile” (listed under “Software”)
  4. Click “Properties” under the “Security Profile”
  5. Select “SSH” Click “Options”
  6. Click “Start”
  7. Open Putty (or other SSH tool) and SSH to ESX IP
  8. Enter ESXi Username/Password
  9. View storage configurations (This displays all info and the device names, example: naa.6842b2b012e98e001be1002b09c03237 OR t10.DP______BACKPLANE000000)
    esxcfg-scsidevs -l

    Use this to filter into a nice list view of disks attached to the system

    cd /dev/disks
  10. View partition configurations (followed by device identifier name):
    partedUtil get /dev/disks/naa.6842b2b012e98e001be1002b09c03237
  11. Delete partition (followed by the device identifier then the partition number)
    partedUtil delete /dev/disks/naa.6842b2b012e98e001be1002b09c03237 1

Before deleting the Partitions:

Commands to Delete Partitions:

After deleting the Partitions:

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