Show “system uptime” single/multiple servers

“Show uptime of multiple computers” – Looking after multiple servers, I wanted to check which have rebooted and require rebooting due to windows updates. In order to interrogate multiple servers I can use the Sysinternals “PSTools”

Multiple Servers: (Output to txt)

  1. Download PSInfo
  2. Install PSInfo to a chosen location i.e. c:\windows\system32
  3. cmd
psinfo uptime \\* c:\ShowSystemUptimesReport.txt

Uptime = Shows only uptime
\* = checked every pc on the local network

> c:\inventory.txt = Outputs file to this location


psinfo uptime \\Server-DC1,Server-DC2 > c:\ShowSystemUptimesReport.txt

Single server: (without tools)

systeminfo | find "System Boot Time:"

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