AD LDAP Attributes | Common Entries

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List of common LDAP AD fields which can be used with the “DSQuery” or other tools which lookup AD objects.

csvde -m -f c:\DSQueryUsers.csv -d "OU=Users,OU=UK,DC=domain,DC=localm" -r "(&(objectClass=*)(mail=*))" -l displayName,userPrincipalName

In order to simplify the process of creating LDAP queries you can use the SysInternals “Active Directory Explorer” tool to help with this process.

See Below for table:

Label in AD Users and Computers LDAP provider property name WinNT provider property name
Name cn  
First name givenName  
Initials initials  
Last name sn  
Display name displayName fullName
Description description description
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName  
Telephone number telephoneNumber  
Other Telephone numbers otherTelephone  
E-mail mail  
Web page wWWHomePage  
Other Web pages url  
Street streetAddress  
P.O. Box postOfficeBox  
City l  
State/province st  
Zip/Postal Code postalCode  
Country/region c, co, countryCode  
User logon name userPrincipalName  
pre-Windows 2000 logon name sAMAccountName name
Account disabled? userAccountControl  
Logon Hours logonHours  
Logon On To (Logon Workstations) userWorkstations  
User must change password at next logon pwdLastSet  
User cannot change password userAccountControl  
Password never expires userAccountControl  
Store password using reversible encryption userAccountControl  
Account expires end of (date) accountExpires  
User Profile path profilePath profile
Logon script scriptPath loginScript
Home folder, local path homeDirectory homeDirectory
Home folder, Connect, Drive homeDrive homeDirDrive
Home folder, Connect, To: homeDirectory homeDirectory
Home homePhone  
Other Home phone numbers otherHomePhone  
Pager pager  
Other Pager numbers otherPager  
Mobile mobile  
Other Mobile numbers otherMobile  
Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber  
Other Fax numbers otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber  
IP phone ipPhone  
Other IP phone numbers otherIpPhone  
Notes info  
Title title  
Department department  
Company company  
Manager manager  

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