Yamaha RX-V671 | “PCM” Output

I own a Yamaha RX-V671 Amp which my media PC is connected to via HDMI. One of the issues I get is that when playing audio via the HDMI output, the Yamaha amp display shows “PCM” when I need this to display “Dolby Digital” or “DTS”.

In layman’s terms Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is a digital scheme for transmitting analog data. Basically this means that the media PC converts the audio into digital and sends this to the amp to output. My objective is for the media PC to output the audio in the original format and let the Amp do the processing (whereby this should display “Dolby Digital” or “DTS” etc.

One of the main methods for playing Videos on the Media PC is by using Kazaa Codec Pack and Media Player included with the install. A quick way to install this is by using www.ninite.com and selecting “Kazaa Codec” pack.

When playing video/audio through Media Player classic, the default installation will output audio via PCM, to correct this, you need to modify the “output” settings on the “FFDShow Audio Decoder Configuration” and enable the “Pass-through” options. The FFDShow icon will display in the taskbar when you play content using it.

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