Event ID1202 | Security policies were propagated with warning. 0x534

I don’t want to get into the habit of logging every single error and snag I find in the event viewer, but part of my work is closely tided to Group Policy and deployment, therefore thought this would be useful in the further.

I was getting this error listed in the event viewer:

Error: Security policies were propagated with warning. 0x534 : No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.
Category: None
Type: Warning
Event ID: 1202

Very help of Microsoft as the event actually lists the fix if you scroll further down. Here is the short summary steps:

1) Identify accounts that could not be resolved to a SID:

start -> run -> cmd -> FIND /I "Cannot find"  %SYSTEMROOT%\Security\Logs\winlogon.log (This will show “Cannot find” identifying the problem account names.)


2) Identify the specific User Rights, Restricted Groups, and Source GPOs that contain the problem accounts:

start -> run -> RSoP.msc (Review the results settings marked with a red X)


3) Remove unresolved accounts from the specific Group Policy that is affected.

Start -> Administration Tools -> Group Policy (Locate problem GPO, Update and remove affected settings)


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