WinRM for Event Forwarding

Windows Remote Management (WinRM) required by Windows Remote Shell command-line tool, Winrs, event forwarding, and Windows PowerShell 2.0.

WinRM service starts automatically on Windows Server 2008, but must be started manually on Windows Vista.

  • Show WinRM Status: “winrm get winrm/config”
  • Show WinRM Help: “winrm help config”
  • Setup WinRM: “winrm qc” (Quick Config)

Performs the following operations:

  • Starts the WinRM service, and sets the service startup type to auto-start.
  • Configures a listener for the ports that send and receive WS-Management protocol messages using either HTTP or HTTPS on any IP address.
  • Defines ICF exceptions for the WinRM service, and opens the ports for HTTP and HTTPS. (Only for the current user profile)



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