Solid State Drives SSD config (Best Practice)

From all the reading I have done on SSDs this is a known list of best practices in order to minimise read/write and maintain its health for longer:

Wiki SSD

Disable SuperFetch (Windows 7) this performs the same as Prefetch:

  • services.msc -> SuperFetch Properties -> Disabled
  • run -> “net stop superfetch”
  • run -> “sc config sysmain start= disabled” (This will set the Sysmain (Superfetch) Service startup to disabled)

Disable Disk Defragmenter Schedule (Windows 7):

  • run -> “dfrgui” (Disk Defrag Interface)
  • Click “Configure Schedule”
  • Click “Select disks…”
  • Unselect SSDs
  • Alternatively you could just remove all defrag schedules

Disable/Move Pagefile (Windows 7):

  • Win+Pause (System Properties) -> Advanced system settings -> “Advanced” Tab -> Performance “settings…”
  • In Performance Options -> “Advanced” Tab  -> Virtual Memory “Change…”
  • In Virtual Memory -> Untick “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. -> Select SSD letter -> “No paging file” -> Set -> OK

Disable Disk Indexing (Windows 7):

  • My Computer -> Select SSD -> right click “Properties -> Untick “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed to addtion to file properties”

Also disable the Search Service

  • run -> “net stop WSearch”
  • run -> “sc config WSearch start= disabled” (This will set the WSearch (Windows Search) Service startup to disabled)



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