Terminal Service Manager – Logoff, Reset, Disconnect?

Just a quick not to clarify what each option actually does…

Disconnect: Disconnects a user from a session. The session remains attached to the terminal server in the disconnected state and currently running applications continue to run. When you attempt to reconnect to the server, you are reconnected to the same session from which you disconnected, even if you are reconnecting from a different computer. Applications that were left open when you disconnected remain running when you reconnect to the session, with no loss of data.

Reset: Enables you to delete a session instantly. Be aware that resetting a user’s session without warning can result in loss of data at that session. Reset a session only when it malfunctions or appears to have stopped responding.

Loggoff: Enables you to log off a user from a session on the server. Be aware that logging off a user without warning can result in loss of data at the user’s session. When you log off a user, all processes end and the session is deleted from the server.

Source: technet.microsoft.com


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