HP Proliant Server (Safemode / DSRM)

After a bad day with a Windows Server 2003 AD failure I had to do a system state restore using Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM)

How hard could it be?? F8 in the BIOS before the Windows start right? Wrong!

This was on a HP Proliant ML310 G5 with multiple RAID & ILO devices using F8 as their configuration options, therefore every-time I pressed F8 (trying not to miss my window) I’d simply keep going into these config screens.

The Fix:

Wait until the initial RAID & ILO has loaded and processed to the next item then keep pressing “F5”

Yes F5 not F8!

3 thoughts on “HP Proliant Server (Safemode / DSRM)

  1. Craig

    Thank you so much! Ran into the same issue and this thread helped me get back into my DC. You rock!

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