Enable Network Discovery Server 2008 R2

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Need to enable network discovery in Windows Server 2008 R2?

The Problem is that after you have enabled this it simple turns off again so you need to enable the following services. I changed the startup type to automatic.

Start the following services:

net start "DNS Client"
net start "Function Discovery Resource Publication"
net start "SSDP Discovery"
net start "UPnP Discovery"

You still may not see the contents of “network places” populate with all the computers across the network so you will need to “enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP” from the network card adapter properties.

Control Panel > Network Connections -> Right click Properties on network card -> Select TCP/IP Settings -> Click Properties -> Advanced -> WINS tab -> enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

This is usually configured within DHCP for clients, however in my situation I was enabling this feature on a server, therefore a fixed IP address not pulled from DHCP.

Source: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/windowsserver2008r2general/thread/e1cc2310-b4f7-4de5-818a-352d8f792de5

4 thoughts on “Enable Network Discovery Server 2008 R2

  1. S.M. Rabiul Islam

    Its usefull. I was in problem of same type and I followed your suggestion yesterday. i.e 22.03.2012.
    First time its works with windows 7 PC only and after starting “UPnP Discovery”. After 45min all workstation can be seen and as well as can be shared too.
    But today I found workstation sharing is not working.

    I tried several time at server point and workstation point but fail.

    Only when I restart :
    net start “DNS Client”
    net start “Function Discovery Resource Publication”
    net start “SSDP Discovery”
    net start “UPnP Discovery”
    in windows 7 Pc those are visible but xp are not.

    I running my office by \\pcname in run.

    please help me.


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  4. kush

    i was having the problem with network discovery.
    started the services shown by you and now my network drives are visible.

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