Bridgehead Servers, Intersite Links and RepAdmin

Bridgehead Servers

A bridgehead server is a domain controller in each site, which is used as a contact point to receive and replicate data between sites. For inter-site replication, KCC designates one of the domain controllers as a bridgehead server. In case the server is down, KCC designates another one from the domain controller. When a bridgehead server receives replication updates from another site, it replicates the data to the other domain controllers within its site.

Repadmin Sync: (Synchronizes DC with replication partners)

repadmin /syncall

Bridgehead Servers: (Displays bridgehead servers)

repadmin /bridgeheads


Seeing a number of KCC replication errors in the event log, no doubt there is something not configured correctly in “Site-&-Services”  This Microsoft document should give you a few tips. Troubleshoot with Repadmin


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