Exchange 2007 | Sendas email account using alternate domain

I’ve was asked to set up an additional domain name under Exchange 2007. The only issue is that Exchange doesn’t quite handle multiple domain names very well, yes you can add aliases and easily create them within the exchange console, however the problem comes to “sending as” a different domain on the client machine (outlook) I managed to get this method working, although it may not be the best method, I’m couldn’t find any other solutions.

Method 1:

  • Create a new user and mailbox.
  • Set the default email address as
  • Add full send as permissions to the mailbox.
  • Setup redirect so all email to is forwarded to

This is good, but is messy as multiple user accounts are required…

Method 2 (Preferred Method):

  • Setup a new distribution list (remove the alias from users current profile to do this)
  • Add User as the manager of this list and the only member
  • Set the permissions for full send as via the powershell…

You can change mailbox permissions using two methods but only the powershell method seems to work properly (so probably best to stick to this)

  • 1) Via Powershell: Add-AdPermission “DL” -user “name.surname” -AccessRights extendedright -ExtendedRights “send as”
  • 2) From the “users and computers” selected the distribution group changed to “Advanced” settings and edited the security on the DL to add “user” to Full access”

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