Exchange *.Log File Removal (BAT)

It is BAD BAD practice to try and delete the exchange 2007 log files! It should not be done ever!

Running into space issues on exchange needed to remove 80,000+ *.log files. These would be removed by doing a backup, but without any space to run the backup there’s not a lot of options.

I ran this command to perform a removal of the log files in the mailbox DB, I had to use this script the job as the windows would crash as soon as multiple files were highlighted and selected for deletion:

  • CD /D E:\Exchange\Mailbox\First Storage Group
  • del /s *.txt

In order to move logs onto another drive use this command:

  • CD /D E:\Exchange\Mailbox\First Storage Group
  • move *.log “K:\Exchange_Logs_Move”


  • E00.chk
  • E00.log
  • Mailbox Database.edb

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