Report of all Users and Groups in my AD (DomainUinfo.vbs)

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I usually get asked a lot for lists, specifically lists of AD users and members of groups etc. There are a couple of methods to obtain this…

Output user list in txt format using CMD:

  • net user /domain > C:users.txt (Only Lists Logon Usernames / no OU or Group Info)

Output user list in .txt format (more detail) using VBS:

  • Simple VBS Script to printout the AD information
  • Text file output to the same folder the script was run from…
  • I’ve slightly tweaked this script to make the output data more easy on the eyes.

'* File: DomainUinfo.vbs
'* Created: September 2005
'* Version: 2k510.04
'* ' Sample Script For Listing All The User Related Infomations In The Domain.
'* Main Function: Listing All The User Related Infomations In The Domain.
'* Syntax Domain Name
'* Copyright (C) 2005 N Nattiala
' Description - This portion of the script will attach to the domain using the
' WinNt provider and filter out a list of every computer object's
' name and write them to DomUinfo.txt. If the file already exists it will
' overwrite, otherwise it will create the file.
' Insert WARNING here...
Msgbox " This script will collect all the Computers,Domain User and Group related information and"_
& vbcrlf & vbcrlf & " store in DOMUINFO.TXT. Please input your Domain name according to your environment" _
& vbcrlf & vbcrlf & " Created and Completed By: N Nattiala. ",48,"WARNING"
' Check for the existence of DomUinfo.txt.
' and open for Writing.
Dim myComputer, objUser, objGroup
Dim myDomain
Set fsoObject = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If (fsoObject.FileExists("DomUinfo.txt")) Then
Set open_File = fsoObject.OpenTextFile("DomUinfo.txt", 2)
Set open_File = fsoObject.OpenTextFile("DomUinfo.txt", 2, "True")
End If
' Get Domain Name
myDomain = Inputbox ("Please Enter Your Domain Name: "_
& vbcrlf & vbcrlf & " Take Care")
'msgbox" Your Domain Name is :" &mydomain _
'& vbcrlf & vbcrlf &"Do you wish to cancel this Script?",vbYesNo,"Warning"
' Attach to the domain and search for all
' computer objects. Dump the names into
' DomUinfo.txt.
Set myComputer = GetObject ( "WinNT://"& mydomain )
myComputer.Filter = Array("computer")
For Each item in myComputer
open_File.Writeline (item.Name)
myComputer.Filter = Array("user")
For Each objuser in myComputer
open_File.Writeline ("User Name: " & objUser.Name & " - Full Name: " & objuser.fullname & " - Description: " & objuser.description)
myComputer.Filter = Array("group")
For Each objGroup In myComputer
For Each objUser In objGroup.Members
open_File.Writeline ("Group: " & objGroup.Name & " - Username: " & objUser.Name)
' Closes the file