Just a quick bit of info! & My Random Rant…

I’m Dominic Edwards referred to as “Dom” or “Dom Edwards”, although I’m not famous, I sometime “Google” myself (We all have haven’t we…??) to make me feel better about myself and tiny existence on the World Wide Web when I show up in the search results 🙂

Apart from being obvious, this is just a little bit of blurb behind my blog…

I got inspired to add all the weird and wacky I.T. problems I have come across over the years and put them all in once place “a techie blog” so if I lose the links to articles or find a fix all by myself I would remember it to look impressive and “intelligent” another day!

Teamed up with pal’s and work colleges I try to eliminate computer problemos! In order that the Standard PC worker can go about their business in the complete bliss that “It just Works” without the need to moan @ co-workers about the same reoccurring things!

The blog posts are semi “no frills” meaning some days I write stuff down in full other times I don’t but there is enough to jog my memory.

If you need to ping me a note, you can do it here… Thanks,

“The Giraffe Concept”

In this modern day world we never fall short of designing software that just doesn’t work the way it should. There are too many pieces of square shaped software that just don’t fit in the round shaped holes. We end up with this never ending quest to tweak, fix and upgrade for successful operation and communication between one another.

“No Sense in 21st Century Logic”

No new logic to offer the world, by the time it works effectively, we’ve moved onto the next, caught up in the same vicious cycle of development.
In essence, it doesn’t matter how technology advanced we become because we’re always chasing the future. Ignorant of today and brainwashed by tomorrow.
No logical explanation to the way in which it works.
No logical explanation to why the giraffe on a digital page.