Querying FSMO roles & ADPREP

To find out what domain controller roles are within the organisation:

List all DCs in forest with DN and RDN:

DsQuery Server -o rdn -Forest
DsQuery Server -Forest

List all the DCs in domain:

DsQuery Server -domain domain_name.com

List all the DCs in domain (that are Global Catalog Servers):

DsQuery Server -domain domain_name.com -isgc

List all DCs in forest (that hold FSMO):

DsQuery Server -Forest -hasfsmo schema

Use the “>” to store the output to a text file. The below command will store all the domain controller names in AllDCs.txt.

DsQuery Server -Forest > AllDCs.txt

List FSMO roles using NETDOM

netdom query fsmo

Adding a new Domain Controller to the Domain.

ADPREP commands to upgrade Domain Controllers (In this order)

ADPREP /forestprep
ADPREP /domainprep
ADPREP /domainprep /gpprep
ADPREP /rodcprep
Guide to Windows Server 2008 ADPREP: 
Problems with ADPREP and SYSVOL migration process:

How to view and transfer FSMO roles in Windows Server 2003

How do I install Active Directory on my Windows Server 2003 server?

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